Securely navigating the people‑based marketing landscape.

How it works.



Capture hashed registration data on their sites and send it to Traverse.



Provides a secure and reliable way to license de-identified and non-personal data to ad tech companies.


Ad Tech Companies

Use this deterministic data in real time to create cross-channel products for marketers.



Use these deterministic data products to deliver more relevant communications to their customers.


Discover how much incremental revenue you can make each month.

Ad Tech Companies

Partner with the largest independent source of deterministic data for a 30-day trial period.

“Traverse has turned into a mid-six-figure annual account for us… the gross margins are much higher than banners, sponsorships, and magazine ads we sell.”

Stuart Hochwert

President, Prime Publishing, LLC

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“Having Traverse’s management team of smart people that really understand both email and identity management and resolution is critical to the success of [our] data matching partnerships.”

Jack Hogan

CTO, Lifescript

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