Traverse enables email marketers to go beyond their active list.


Access tools you need to identify and engage with your customers and prospects.


Generate incremental revenue and increase subscriber engagement.

Traverse leverages data and the power of the email channel to generate new customers for marketers and incremental revenue for publishers.

Marketer Solutions

Traverse offers unique solutions that allow you to reconnect with lost website visitors and re-engage your inactive email addresses.

Email Activation

Reach new audiences via email who look like your best customers.

Find your next most engaged customer.

Email Retargeting

Leverage the power of email to bring unidentified prospects back to your website.

Get a second chance to make a first impression.

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Publisher Solutions

Join our publisher network to generate incremental revenue and increase email subscriber engagement.

Email Retargeting

Deliver highly relevant and timely offers to your subscribers, on behalf of brands they’ve recently visited online.

Earn revenue from every click.

Data Monetization

Securely license your de-identified and non-personal email registration data to ad tech companies.

Earn incremental revenue each month.

Discover how much revenue you can earn each month.

“Traverse has turned into a mid-six-figure annual account for us… the gross margins are much higher than banners, sponsorships, and magazine ads we sell.”

Stuart Hochwert

President, Prime Publishing, LLC

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“Having Traverse’s management team of smart people that really understand both email and identity management and resolution is critical to the success of [our] data matching partnerships.”

Jack Hogan

CTO, Lifescript

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